17 again & my first digital camera | personal

I decided my junior year of high school that I was going to be a photographer. Up until that point, it was a major toss up between that and being a veterinarian. After taking a course in veterinarian studies, though, I soon realized I wasn’t drawn to medicine AT ALL. I was more intrigued by behavioral studies (like Cesar Millan!) Plus, I REALLY don’t like cats. It wasn’t very likely that I’d make a career for myself as a dog hugger, though I did have my own dog sitting business for a time (a business I was driven to because my two day stint working in a coffee shop was a complete nightmare!)

Anyway, I got out of taking any math or science classes my last two years of high school, so nearly all of my attention was on photography. I was shooting all film – mostly black and white. Digital was just gaining popularity, and I was so envious of my dad’s little digital camera! Finally, just before my 18th birthday, my parents gave me my first digital camera! It was a Sony point and shoot that could swap out lenses. It was pretty nifty back in the day, let me tell you what. And actually my brother Justin and I got matching cameras. (He’s a fine artist [drawing and painting] and needed a camera to photograph his works.) This morning I came across these first images I ever took with a digital camera. It’s funny how some things never change. I’ve only ever been interested in taking pictures of people. I like a good landscape or urbanscape every now and again, but portraiture is where it’s at for me. Looking at these pictures of my brother, I can see the beginnings of He & She Photography :)

Well I hope everyone has enjoyed their rainy week (if you’re in So Cal). I’ve really enjoyed it :) A happy no rain weekend to everyone!

– She

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