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Periodically throughout the day I get sidetracked, whether its by something on the internet, by my ridiculous dog, or by random old pictures I find on my computer. I think most photographers will testify that they have WAY too many pictures that they’ve collected over the years, and I am certainly guilty of that!

But today I came across some of my earliest photography sessions I did when I was 19. I was able to bribe a few of my awesome friends to dress up and let me get all up in their grill with my camera :) And actually I’m pretty impressed by myself – yeah I said it. I impress myself, haha. Ok well maybe impress is going too far. But I wasn’t completely horrible, considering at that point I hadn’t had any kind of formal photography training, didn’t follow any influential photographers, and didn’t even know wedding photography existed.

I’ve got a few sessions I’ll share over the next few posts. This first one actually didn’t require bribing. It was the first “human” shoot Randy and I worked together on – by human I mean not a calculator or clock. (Randy and I started out doing product photography and quickly realized people were much more interesting :) ) So we shot some pics for a friend of a friend, a very talented musician named Andrea Hamilton. And here are just a few of my favs.

Have a spectacular weekend one and all! If anyone is going to the OC fair this evening, we’ll see you there :)

I love how this one almost looks like a drawing or something.

I love how this one almost looks like a drawing or something.

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