2000 miles & polaroids | personal

My mind is so relaxed, I can hardly type! This bit of R&R has done Randy and I well. We are currently sitting in the parking lot of Taco Bell in Mobile, Alabama, one of the few places with wireless internet. We’ve eaten close to 15 times our own body weights in sinful home-cooked food these past few days. Gross, yet oh-so-pleasureful :)

I’ll report more about each day as we unveil them on the blog, but for now I’m going to play catch-up and post a few polaroids from the journey. We’ve had such beautiful weather thus far, and our drive through Texas was gorgeous. Randy and I were soaking in the open-ness!

Stopped on the side of the road in Fort Stockton to capture those awesome Texan skies.

We stopped briefly in San Antonio on Christmas Eve to check out The Alamo and The River Walk.

More to come about our current journey in the coming days! Happy Monday, all!

– She

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