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Well, it’s been a month since we announced our little he or she, so I thought I’d do a bit of an update! Our little Hill is 4 months along now (it’s his/her 16 week, 2 day gestational birthday, to be exact.) Thank you to those who have been asking about us and our little bun in the oven – we really, really appreciate all of your kind words and prayers!

I’m feeling great right now – I guess that’s why they call the second trimester the best time of the pregnancy. My two biggest struggles are eating enough calories a day, and not buying every cute baby thing I see! So, truthfully, I can’t complain at all :) Little Hill has grown A LOT these past three weeks. It’s so exciting to finally see results! It’s strange to be carrying a growing baby in your belly and not be able to feel anything (yet). But being able to see growth (from the outside) is very encouraging! Each new day is even more exciting than the last. Though I’m enjoying this whole pregnancy thing, I’m just so eager to hold our little one and embrace our new life that will accompany him/her. Saying “I can hardly wait” is a HUGE understatement!

Since I’m not quite to the point of maternity pictures yet (though I prefer to call them pictures of us where I happen to be pregnant), we thought it would be fun to post the growth progress of our little Hill. I’m not hugely excited about showing off my midriff, but every time I see these pictures, I see more of our baby than myself :)

Still got a bit of growing left to do!

– She

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