6 months | personal

Well, it’s time once again for this month’s baby update! I wish I could say, “I can’t believe I’m already 6 months pregnant,” but really I feel like I’m ready to pop this thing out! Patience, patience, I know :) It’s truly more of my excitement than any discomfort that has me so anxious. I’m just so ready to have Linus here with us! Some days I’m unable to keep myself from folding and unfolding his clothes. I’ll find myself staring at his empty crib, sitting with a stupid grin on my face. Less than 16 weeks to wait….

Randy and I did a little photoshoot to commemorate the 6 month mark, but we shot it all in film, so you’ll have to wait a little while for the full post. In the mean time, here are a few polaroids we snapped.

– She

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