9 years | personal

I can’t believe our Blossom is nine years old today. She still looks and acts as if she’s a pup! In fact, nearly every person we encounter while walking asks if she’s a puppy :) But as I look back at old pictures, I’m reminded of the history we have together. A lot has changed since I was a junior in high school, and Blossom has taken all of these changes in stride. My dream, ever since I was a little girl, was to have an Australian Shepherd, a blue merle to be exact. I waited a long time for Blossom, and she was well worth the wait! She’s the most loyal dog there is, always at my heel, and I’m so grateful for her friendship :)

To some, she’s just a dog. But even before I met her, I knew she’d be much more than that. She’s in for a big change in a few months. I try explaining it to her, but there’s really no telling if she understands :) But since we’re having a little boy, she’ll still get to be my little girl!

There is one thing that has changed about Blossom in recent years, and it’s very peculiar. Out of the blue, her left ear began standing straight up – all the time. I have no idea why, but it has only added to her character! Randy and I decided to take some portraits of her while on our afternoon walk yesterday. As usual, she posed beautifully for them :)

Here’s to nine more awesome-Blossom-opossum years, girl!

– She

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