a family session & a surprise visit | personal

This was our second year shooting family pictures for Margaret, her husband, daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren, Ben and Bella :) They are such a fun group and very easy going. And at the end of our session, Ben and Bella were visited by a very special surprise! Way down the beach we saw a fast moving vehicle with flashing lights. Low and behold it was Santa! Talk about timing :)

Bella takes such good care of her little brother :)

Such a fun session! This is our 2nd to last family session of 2009, and remember, next year we won’t be offering family sessions! I know, sad :( But with how busy we were this year, 2010 is bound to be even busier and we simply don’t have the time! Weddings and engagements are eating up our calendar.

Happy Friday, all! We’re so close to Christmas, I can’t wait!

– He&She

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