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I can honestly say that Adam & Janelle’s wedding was one of the most unique events we’ve ever photographed. You’ll see why….¬†We were blown away by A & J’s creativity (if I may abbreviate). Talk about thinking outside of the box, y’all. They friggin’ blew up the box, homies! And their dance party? Ha, well… three words: improv synchronized dancing. Yeah, that exists.

I would like to take this blogging opportunity to say how much we enjoy what we do. Getting to meet couples like A & J and become a part of their history is a privilege not to be taken lightly – and we don’t!

Well as my father would say, A & J, you are beautiful people. It’s plain to see the love between you two, and it was awesome to witness the binding of your lives together. Congrats :)

Culver Hotel and LA Design Center, Los Angeles, CA

– She

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