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Mike & Andi showed us a good ole time in Long Beach! They gave us the grand tour of their stomping grounds and, oh yeah, we took some rad pictures too! Every time Randy and I would turn around, Mike & Andi would be canoodling and being generally just too darn cute! Their connection is super obvious – you can’t hide that kind of love :) Side note: Andi is best friends with another bride of ours, who you just might recall….  (See Victor & Carolina’s engagement session!)

Now, I must say our time with Andi & Mike did end on a slightly sour note. Upon returning from our stroll, we discovered their bikes were gone! (I refuse to say stollen, as my optimistic self sincerely thinks security may have picked them up. They were parked next to a “no bikes” sign, afterall….) So, Mike & Andi, we are deeply sorry for the loss of Mr. Pink and Julius. But, I must say, you two handled it with such positive attitudes! Just shows how awesome you two are :) Here are some of our favs from the afternoon!

– She

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