Ashoke & Tessa | married!

A few weeks back, I made a trip up to Sonoma to photograph a wedding. I didn’t know too much about the couple, besides that they seemed nice through their emails. Well, I was pleasantly surprised at how warm and kind both Ashoke and Tessa were. And what made it even better was the fact that they wanted to spend some EXTRA time taking pictures of just the two of them (a photographers dream)! So, we made some visual goodness together, but it was really a comment that Ashoke said that stood out to me that day: “Is it weird that I want to be friends with you?” And my response was, “Dude! I was just thinking the same thing!” Great. Minds.

Anyway, what’s better than getting married in Sonoma? Getting married TWICE in Sonoma on the same day : ) Proof up above!


Venue: Cornerstone

Planner: Dreams On A Dime

p.s. Thanks Matthias for hanging out with me :)

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