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Meet Kate & Luke.

They are awesome. Even though you don’t know them, I know you know it’s true.

It’s in their eyes. It’s in their swagger. And, duh, it’s in their photography skillzzz.

They are SO awesome, in fact, that they have decided to share their awesomeness with He & She Photography. They are our new associate photographers – our other halves! It’s as if we were spawned from the same photographic womb; we see life through the camera so similarly. Wait… I take that back… that’s kind of gross.

Below is just a taste of the goods they bring to a wedding. All jokes aside, we feel so honored to have these two on our team. They are some of the best people we’ve ever met, not to mention some of the best photographers we’ve met. They see the world in a way that inspires the creative sparks in our hearts. We are beyond blessed to have this husband and wife duo working with He & She Photography!

So hire them. You will NOT be disappointed. Check out the associates page to learn more!

– She

If you even think about screen capturing our pictures, I will personally cut you. <3 She

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