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Wow… how strange it is to be back sitting at my desk. I’m so relaxed after our vacation – my mind is struggling to accept the fact that so much work awaits me! Alabama gave us just what we needed: lots of food, family time, football and mindless relaxation. Amazing. And driving across the country was so easy! I’m sure most of our family members and friends thought we were crazy to drive, but it was even easier than we had imagined. We drove straight through both directions, and it was awesome getting to see so much pass by our window. We’d definitely do it again! And I was way off on my estimation about it taking 37 hours to get there. It took exactly 30 – just like Google maps predicted.

Here are shot snaps from our stay:

My mom and her sister. Some things never change :)

One of our many discussions around the dinner table.

I’m kicking myself for not recording any of my Granddad’s story telling. He’s got some good stories!

That’s Abby. We’re related.

From left to right: Ethan (the youngest of the grandkids), Regan (our elder, as I call her) and Abbster. Dearest cousin David not pictured.

Sure she looks happy enough, but this is Abby’s “quit taking pictures of me” face :)

The house in Mobile. Minus one of the giant trees that recently fell.

I love this picture! It was so dim that I had to set the camera to f/1.4, hence the reason why only my Aunt Nancy is in focus. I forgot to warn my mom before taking the picture :) Happy accident!

Where most of our time was spent.

Where most of my mom and Aunt Nancy’s time was spent – preparing meals for up to 12 people at a time!

I have to share the tree in all it’s glory. Granddad spent so much time on it :)

We don’t mess around when it comes to gingerbread houses. Or in this case, gram cracker houses.

Blossom was loving having so many people around.

Bam! Our gram cracker Airstream!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Granddad make such a face :)

And that’s David.

Take this ball away from me and I will cut you! Never mind. Scratches are way more fun.

More pictures to come tomorrow!

– She

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