behind the scenes #3 & reaching your goals | married!

Randy and I were talking recently about how life always exceeds our expectations. We’ve accomplished so much – way more than we thought we would within the time span of a few short years. Every day it boggles our minds, and every day we are grateful for what we have.

And yet I realized recently why we’ve been able to accomplish so many of our personal goals. Of course, first and foremost, we have each other. I wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for Randy. But additionally, I’ve realized that a key part in achieving your goals is visualizing them. It starts there. Visualize what you want, know how to get it, and set plans in motion to achieve it. Sometimes I have to do a reality check to remind me of our time and place, because in my head we already have three kids, own our own home and travel the world on a regular basis (all goals of ours). That future seems so close that I have to remind myself we’re not quite there yet :) I think visualizing what you want in life and taking everything step by step until you reach it, really makes a difference. It has for us. That being said, it’s still hugely vital to appreciate what you have in this very moment, and to try and soak in everything as it happens. You can’t let your goals overwhelm your present, because everyday amazing things happen. And before you know it, those amazing things build up to create something even more amazing.

In our experience, the other key ingredients in success and happiness are having faith in yourself and having faith in general. I’m a play-it-by-the-books kind of girl all the way. I always play it safe. But the gambles I’ve chosen to take in life have proven to be the most rewarding, and I’m sure Randy feels the same way. Trust your gut, trust the Lord, take a deep breath… and jump.

Anyway, I’ll put philosopher Erin aside for a second and show you two pictures Randy took at a recent wedding. Just fun stuff :)

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