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So here are the results from yesterday’s survey! The question was: which of our blog posts do you most enjoy reading? The categories were: weddings and engagements, personal, and behind the scenes. The survey shows…. (drum roll please, or dramatic knee slapping will do…) wedding and engagements! In a VERY close second was personal posts, followed by behind the scenes. Thank you so much to all of our voters yesterday! This helps us greatly :)

This does lead me to another topic… we want to know more about our voters! Or, even if you didn’t vote, we’d love to know more about the people reading our posts! Through the devises of the internet, we’re able to sneakily detect how many viewers stop by our blog on a daily basis. And, I’m happy to report, there are a ton of you! Alas, our comments are lacking, people! We have no way of knowing who is looking at our posts – other vendors, clients or simple web browser / idea gatherers.¬†Your feedback via comments not only helps us and our photography, but it also helps you! I guarantee your day will be much improved and you’ll feel so much more fulfilled after leaving a comment on our blog :) (Ok, maybe I shouldn’t guarantee that, but I can guarantee that you’ll brighten our day!)

So, blah blah blah, here is my challenge to you! Yes, YOU READING THIS TEXT RIGHT NOW :) Leave us a comment on this post, or tomorrow’s, or the next’s – or all of them! Let us know a little something about you, your thoughts on our post(s), or any curious questions you have about us and our company that you’d like answered. Comments are easier than email because I can address questions in a public arena that might be helpful to other people as well (however, if you prefer email, that’s fine too: info[at]heandshephotography.com).

So go! Comment! Do as you will :) Oh yeah, and here’s a pic of my sweet heart. We’re dropping visual hints about the upcoming debut of our new website/blog, so here’s today’s glimpse!

– She

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