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I realize this is my second post this week devoted to our dog, but I thought this picture deserved posting :) We were messing around with our new Radio Poppers last night, and Blossom (being the little goober and camera hog that she is) decided to take part. She has the silliest (creepiest) grin on her face. Totally cracked us up, so we thought we’d share!

We have lots of odd ball projects happening around the He & She household! We’re moving in 10 days and keeping very busy Craiglist-ing, painting and of course packing. Randy and I actually find it quite fun! Though check back in with us next week after our double-header wedding weekend and we’ll see how excited we still are :)

PS – Interested in buying our PocketWizard Plus II Transievers? We’ve got 4 of them! Hit us up: info@heandshephoto.com. SOLD!!!

– She

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