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I used begging, pleading and tantrums to convince my parents to get me a dog when I was 17. And not just any dog – an Australian Shepherd! I wrote an eight page research paper on Australian Shepherds in high school – that’s how badly I wanted this dog. I can’t thank my parents enough for eventually giving into my teenage outbursts, because Blossom has been the ultimate “gift” that has kept on giving. She has taught me so much and given me (and now Randy) so much joy :) I can’t imagine life without her. I also can’t wait to give my kids the same gift one day!

Oh my little girl – the best subject I’ve ever photographed. She doesn’t need any coaxing, direction or treats. She simply loves the camera :)

The tail-less wonder :)

Teddy. Blossom’s puppy. She grabs him by the scruff and prances around the house with him :)

– She

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