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In keeping with the branding theme of our new website (forthcoming in the coming days) we thought we’d share our handmade business cards! The importance of a high quality business card can’t be underestimated, and since Randy and I enjoy being hands-on with every part of our business, we decided to make our own!

For you design and craft junkies, we used Lettra 110lb letterpress paper. It is 100% cotton paper that has an amazing tactile feel to it. We wanted each card to be unique, so for the first step, I put a watercolor tan wash over the paper. Next, Randy silk screened the mint color and overlaid the brown. Once we got all of the sheets printed, we took them over to a local print shop and were able to trim the sheets down and add round corners to each card.

So, without further adieu, here are our new business cards:

Randy and I love the silk screen process! We enjoy the subtle differences (and imperfections) you get with each individual print (which is a lot like photography). We have printed everything from business cards, concert style posters and even clothing!

So, here is a glimpse into the new he & she brand. You’ll soon see the theme when the site is launched… :)

– She

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