bryan & madeline: wedding preview | married!

This past weekend I made the trek out to Kansas City for a special wedding. My dear friend Madeline and I go way back to high school awkwardness :) It was a privilege to not only attend her wedding, but to capture it. I’m surprised she actually wanted to get back in front of my camera again after all of the torture I put her through over the years! She was my portrait guinea pig when I first began pursing photography back in high school. I’m pretty confident that my skills have improved since then… or at least I hope so!!! Though we haven’t gotten to spend as much time together in these recent years (as Madeline is in the army), I feel like our friendship is one that we can pick up from where we left off :)

So here is a preview of the images to come! Bryan & Madeline make such an awesome couple. He is a great match for her! I’m so happy for them!

And, sorry girl, but I just had to post some embarrassing pictures of us! VIEWERS, PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE ME ON THE QUALITY OF THE FOLLOWING IMAGES. Thanks :)

More to come on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend everybody :)

– She

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