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Wedding photography is the perfect job. You’ll hear a lot of photographers say that, but it really is true. And it’s the perfect job for Randy and I. And here’s why. In photography school, a big complaint about my work was that it was too happy. It was a very fair criticism. A professor of mine once told me that making (successful) happy art is one of the hardest things you can do. But whenever I tried to do something that was dark and heavy in concept, I never felt like it accurately represented me. And this is not to bash any of the work made by my former fellow students – there was amazing work being made! I think my problem was that I didn’t have any negative experiences to draw on – sounds strange to say, but it’s my theory. I had a wonderful childhood, I have a great family, and a wonderful life. Now that’s not to say you have to have a miserable life to make good “heavy” art – but life experiences do lend themselves well inĀ  creative outlets. Maybe I just focus on the good? I don’t know. Anyway, documenting love for a living suits my personality just fine :)

And Randy is an awesome designer in every respect. He’s more clean than grungy in his work. He definitely thinks outside of the box, whether its album designs, business cards, or our company packaging. He’s always revising things and keeping things fresh. Like right now he’s re-designing all of our shipping materials (cds, packages, boxes, etc.). We are really striving to make custom, hand-made products a more integral part of our company. It’s so exciting and fun! We both love making things with our hands :)

Anyway, here are samples of our business cards, which you may or may not have seen. But these will soon be replaced by our new ones, which Randy is way too excited about :)

This is the way the two pieces are intended to fit together, but usually these are two separate business cards: the left being his, and the right mine :)

Randy and I each wrote the info by hand on the back of each of our business cards. I will give you a cyber-high-five if you can figure out whose hand writing is whose! They are creepily similar.

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