chris & christy | engaged! | engaged!

Oh dearest Chris & Christy – or as Randy & I lovingly refer to them, “Christy-pher.” This session means a lot to us, since these two are some of our very best friends! I’ve known Christy since third grade, and Randy has known Chris since fourth grade. So how did one of my best friend’s and Randy’s end up engaged, you ask? Well, it was a fateful summer night (July 27th, 2005, to be exact) that Christy & I met our future husbands! A mutual friend of ours (Allison) and a friend of Chris & Randy’s (Eric) invited their respective friends to a bonfire on the beach and WHAM! – history was made :)

So, yes, I might be slightly biased when I say these are some of my favorite pictures.

We love you guys! Can’t wait for your big day!

– She

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