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It’s not every day you get to photograph your best friend’s wedding. And not just my bestie’s wedding, but Randy’s best bro’s wedding, too! Yes, our best friends married each other. Oh, you don’t know that story? You can read up on that from Christy-pher’s engagement session.

It goes without saying that this day meant a lot to Randy and I. We were honored with not one, but two significant duties: 1) We were both members of the bridal party, and 2) We photographed the day (along with the help of our AMAZE-BALLS associates Luke & Kate.) We were truly honored to be entrusted with both of these roles. I will admit that there is a downside to their marriage: I can no longer call Christy by her long-standing nick-name, Chritty-Pon-Pon. I guess Chritty-Gill-La-La will just have to do! (A little Jeff Dunham spin-off never hurt nobody, right?!)

Anyway, Christy-pher, we love you, we are blessed by you, and we can’t wait to see you two grow even closer together in marriage. Now onto the party! The pictures below were taken by both Randy & me and Luke & Kate :)

 If you even think about screen capturing our pictures, I will cut you. <3 She

Congrats again, Chris & Christy!

Venue: Brookside Equestrian Center, Walnut, Ca

– She

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