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With all the shooting and editing Randy and I have been doing lately, this is what has been keeping us going: coffee & donuts! The world’s healthiest energy sources :) For some reason, this year’s heavy shooting season got pushed back from summer to fall for us. We’ll be running around like chickens with our heads cut off through the end of the year. But, even during these crazy times, Randy and I love it. Everyday we remark about how fortunate we are to do what we are passionate about and meet such really cool people. (I mean really cool people. Our clients turned friends are remarkably cool.) Randy and I used to dream about the day when we’d be able to work together, and here we are.

I was reminded of just how fortunate we are to work together when I got a call from my old boss yesterday. I worked at a wedding photography studio for two years as a photographer and editor before Randy and I decided to start our own company. I owe so much to that job, both for teaching me what to do, but also what not to do. Both have been equally as valuable. In short, my boss asked if I would consider coming back to work for the studio. I assure you there was no hesitation in my mind when I said, “Thank you, but no thank you.” His words of flattery were quite kind and I did appreciate him thinking of me, but I would not give up what I have now for anything. Running your own business has it’s challenges, but they far out-way the artistic struggles I experienced while working for another studio. After my experiences there, I can confirm that I am NOT a traditional photographer!

Anyway, I must return to my coffee and donuts! Can’t wait to edit these next sessions. There is some definite eye candy coming your direction very soon!

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