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I’ve always loved dogs. I’ve always felt a “bond” with them, I guess. Cats – forget about it. Dogs are just bubbling over with happiness. It’s something I admire so much! So compassionate, so forgiving, so excitable, so simple – we could all learn a few lessons from our canine friends :)

I took Blossom to the dog park this morning, and I got a kick out of observing each dog’s unique personalities. So entertaining. Blossom is the United States in the world of dogs. She investigates any situation that could lead to conflict :) She hates bullies! She always defends the little guys – it’s adorable. I actually felt bad for this one pup mingling with a little white fluff ball of a dog. The fluff ball barked every time the other dog got too close, and sure enough, every time Blossom heard the fluff ball bark, she would dart full speed across the park to come to his rescue! Then, of course, the fluff ball would bark at Blossom because he was so startled when she came hurdling towards him! That’s one thing Blossom hasn’t mastered: the calm way to approach a dog. She gets so excited that she runs full speed towards every dog in the park. But after a quick sniff, she’s satisfied and walks away. The bewildered reactions of the other dogs kept a permanent smile plastered on my face. Hilarious!

This is how Blossom entered the dog park :)

That german shepherd later ate the basset hound’s poop. Sure they’re cute, but dogs will be dogs!

Two fellow australian shepherds arrived and immediately were attached to Blossom. The tail-less wonders unite! I always forget how small Blossom is until she’s around other full size aussies. (She’s small for the breed).

Blossom and her fellow tail-less wonder were best friends for the day. They kept chasing each other to see who could nip the other’s neck first (a herding thing). Blossom totally won this round! I felt bad for the other dog in the bottom frames – he wanted to join in on the fun, but didn’t know how. I don’t think he could figure out what they were doing.

Dirty, tired, and so so happy.

I hope your Thursday is as exciting as Blossom’s morning at the dog park! Every experience should be so exciting :)

– She

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