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Randy and I are determined to make our new apartment really cool! We’ve tried to start fresh with a new look – and so far I think we’re doing pretty well. We still haven’t put anything on the walls yet (which is driving me crazy!) We can’t decide if we want to do an installation, put some new photographs of us up (since we practically have none in our home right now) or mix the two. We’re still mulling it over and waiting for the time to tackle this project, but in the mean time we thought we’d take some new self portraits. We were hoping we’d have time before our engagement shoot in Pasadena yesterday, but it didn’t quite work out. Pasadena is such an awesome place for pictures! So many great building backdrop and shops that have so much character. It had been awhile since we’d walked around old town. I attended Pasadena City College waaaaaaaay back, so it was great to visit again :)

Anyway, here is a shot I snagged of Randy. It won’t end up on our wall, but I thought I’d share it anyway! I present to you: Randy’s serious face!

We’ll post some pics from yesterday’s fabulous couple very soon!

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