DIY & my brother's wedding shower | married!

We had so much fun this weekend at the wedding shower we threw for my brother, Justin, and his fiancee, Susannah. Randy and I have never been in charge of planning an official gathering like this before.┬áSince my parents handled most of the food, and my other brother and his wife handled the drinks, Randy and I handled the decor! It really brought out our crafty sides! I will admit Randy is much better at crafting than yours truly, but I think this experience may have opened a new chapter of interest! I love building things and drawing/painting, but prior to this, they’ve never combined forces. Randy and I had a lot of fun designing and crafting together :)

I can’t believe the wedding is almost a month away! I can’t wait! Here are a few pics of the decor and the lovely folks who attended :)

The soon-to-be bride & groom :)

A preview of the wedding: kicking off the shoes!

Shuffle board? Hard!

Susannah’s sister, Juliet, made a custom card, and it had everyone busting a gut!

Congrats again, Justin & Susannah! Can’t wait for the wedding (and the rest of the pre-wedding events!)

– She

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