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I love taking pictures. I love composing an awesome shot. But even more than that, I love getting home, loading the pictures on my computer, and tweaking them to make them extra awesome! In today’s day and age, picture making doesn’t stop at the click of a shutter. Post possessing can often make or break a picture. Often times when I take a picture, I’ll view it on the back of my camera and think, “That picture has awesome potential! I already know what Totally Rad Actions I’m going to throw on it…”

I love post processing! I really enjoy playing around with a picture until I get it just right. But for me personally, there’s a fine line between a funky edit and going just a little over the top. Sometimes I’ll open a picture from a wedding multiple times in Photoshop just because I can’t make up my mind – “Mmmm… too extreme? Not extreme enough?” I grew up taking pictures with film, and film was all I studied in college as well. So I definitely have an appreciation for the straight out of the camera shot. But, digital just isn’t the same as film. The straight out the the camera shot simply doesn’t have the same quality. I’ll often tell clients that 50% of our art happens when we click the shutter. The other 50% is our editing techniques. It’s an art all of it’s own. It’s guaranteed that if 10 different photographers took the exact same photo, it would come back looking like 10 totally different shots after post processing. There’s so much room for interpretation and creativity.

So, when I edit, I try to do what is right for that shot. Of course I want our work to have a consistent and recognizable look, but sometimes it’s ok (and often refreshing) to experiment with a different or more extreme look on certain pictures. However, the only thing that really bothers me is when there’s so much stuff thrown on a picture that I feel like I’m having to squint just to see the image. There’s so much stuff thrown on there that you can hardly see the image underneath, like I’m looking through a dirty window or something. Sometimes that’s cool, but to put on every single one of our shots? I just couldn’t do it. I love vintage cameras and the whole vintage film/polaroid phenomena right now. But at some point, if you’re really craving that look, just put down your digital camera and buy a roll of film.

So here are some examples below from a recent wedding of ours. The top shot is more straight forward in terms of editing, whereas the bottom shot is an example of one of our “extreme” edits. I just felt it could benefit from a little extra love, as I like to call it :)

So I don’t know if this counts as a Fun Friday post, but I just thought I’d share some of my thoughts on post processing since it’s such a huge part of modern photography. Feel free to share your thoughts too! Have a great weekend everybody!

– Erin

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