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Aaaaaaaaaand finally. I’ve been so excited to share the wedding of our dear friends Eric & Sally! I myself have known Eric for over 8 years now (SHEEEEEEESH!), but Randy and Eric (along with Chris of Chris & Christy) have been pals since freshmen in high school. Eric is a very unique fellow – and I mean that in the best way possible. He’s one of the hippest people I know (I mean he lives in Portland, duh) and he’s also one of the smartest. He’s a lawyer, y’all! He’s incredibly passionate about people, and it’s so evident when talking with him. Randy and I knew one day Eric would find himself an amazing woman – and he has :) Sally – other than being really, really beautiful – is also brilliant. I generally don’t talk much around these two, for fear of them finding out how dumb I really am – har har har! But for realsies, it was so awesome to witness the union of these two, and also to capture it. WE’RE SO HAPPY FOR Y’ALL! And once again these pictures prove that we’re only friends with hot people :)

Venue: Ford Food and Drink

– She

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