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My motivation for writing a blog each day is to help people (clients, potential clients, other vendors and photographers) to get to know us a little better. A photographer can have great pictures, but they could be total jerks in real life! Hopefully our blogs are able to convey our passion for what we do, and that we’re just a young married couple trying to live out our dreams and enjoy the journey :)

So, in an effort to share a little more about ourselves, here are some fun facts about Randy and I:

1) We are not people persons. Odd thing to say being portrait photographers, right? We enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them, but it doesn’t come easily to us. Randy and I are both shy observers, but photography suits us perfectly because we get to hide behind our cameras and interact in a different way :)

2) We have matching tattoos, one that we got the week after our honeymoon (on the back of our right arms) and the other we got earlier this year (on our left forearms). We designed them ourselves, and they signify our love and devotion to each other, as well as our love and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.

3) We love the outdoors. The hardest part of our job, for me, is being inside in front of the computer all day. Camping and hiking are passions that Randy and I share, and we can’t wait to get our own 16 foot trailer one day!

4) We have very few friends, but the friends we have are very close. We certainly weren’t the socialites of high school, but the connections we made growing up have carried through to our adulthood.

5) We knew we had found our eternal partner in each other after dating for 4 months. We were 19.

6) Randy has had 8 broken bones. He raced motocross for 10 years. He can’t rotate his wrists properly. It’s so cute – he’s such an old man :)

7) Erin had petit mal seizures as a child. I remember being told I wasn’t supposed to climb trees or ride my bike… but I did anyway. When I was 8 years old, my friend Chris died of a seizure in his sleep, and I thought I was going to die too. But my seizures were very minor in comparisson, and I grew out of them by age 10 or so.

8) Erin has twin older brothers. Randy has a half brother who we have yet to meet.

9) We can’t wait to have kids! It crosses my mind literally every day. But we disagree on the number – Randy wants 2 and I want 3. I’m not too worried though… I usually get my way!

10) In our first year of marriage, we used to have another dog named Maxwell. He is a Maltese and, hands down, the most stubborn, mischievous creature you’ll ever meet. We adopted him after Randy’s step-father could no longer keep him, and we lasted 6 months before realizing Maxwell was doing more damage than good to our home, our other dog, and our psyches. He was eventually adopted by a local woman.

11) When we take our dog, Blossom, on a walk, I always have to pick up the dog poop :)

12) Erin can’t stand to cut a loaf of bread. It’s not the sound, it’s just the process that’s so frustrating!

13) Randy is hands down the pickiest eater you’ll ever meet. You name it, he doesn’t like it. Our diet consists of pizza, Chipotle, Albertacos bean burritos, Jade Palace Chinese food and ice-cream. Seriously. And he is the biggest meat lover – but only beef.

14) We have a list of tv shows that we tivo every week, including 18 Kids and Counting, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and The Office.

15) We never cook, but ironically we both love to! We swear to ourselves that one day we’ll find the time….

16) As of yesterday, Randy and I both have veneer teeth. I used to grind my teeth as a kid (and still do, but wear a mouth guard) and my top front teeth were ground down. Randy had issues with his braces as a kid and needed veneers to save his front teeth.

17) We both hate shopping! Clothes shopping is the worst. But we always do it together. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or to Target, we always stay together. We really can’t stand to be apart. Life is too short and too precious – every little moment, no matter how mundane, is far better spent together. It’s a big reason of why we started a company together!

18) We share a fetish for wheeled things. We have skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, and dirt bikes. I can’t wait to get a Vespa! Despite our practical nature, we both want a truck one day. We have a pact that after my ’98 civic dies, my next vehicle will be a Toyota truck (to tow our future trailer and Vespa, of course)!

19) Randy has never been out of the country (except to Mexico) and I’m dying to take him around the world. Next year (fingers crossed) we hope to take a trip to anywhere, and eventually (ambitiously) a 6 month trip.

20) We are not city people. We definitely belong in the country, but family and work encourage us to stay in California. Plus, we really like where we live in Irvine. It’s so open!

And there ya have it! Congratulations if you made it through this whole thing! Happy Thursday everybody :)

– He&She

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