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When cleaning out our garage in the “big migration”, Randy and I stumbled upon some of our old art work. I’d say 50% of our garage was old artwork! We tossed a lot of it (but also kept a lot of it!) The semester when Randy and I first met, Randy was taking a photography class. I thought, “Yes! I can impress him with my knowledge of framing an image and printing in the darkroom!” I did end up tagging along to help him with various projects, but he didn’t really need my knowledge. Randy picks things up really fast, not to mention he doesn’t need any artistic advice from me!

So here are a few shots from some self portraits he took. I giggle when I see his long hair :) We took these in the parking lot of his old condo. Ironically, two years later we ended up moving back to that very same condo complex! (I scanned these directly from his old prints, so the quality isn’t spectacular, but it’s fun seeing b&w film again.)


Perhaps I’ll share some of my old artwork too! Oh what to share… there’s far too much….

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