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I’m sure many of you have seen or heard of the movie Food Inc. Well last night Randy and I finally got the courage to watch it. I think I purposely kept inching down my Netflix queue because I was afraid of what I’d learn. But wow am I so glad we finally watched it! There will be some definite changes in our eating habits! No more fast food restaurants – that’ll be an easy habit to quit. Organic, organic, organic is the way to go. I actually feel quite foolish for not paying attention to the food I put in my body. I dared not think about where it all came from for fear I wouldn’t like what I heard. Pathetic, right? And of course there’s the inconvenience factor. It will undoubtably require much more time and money to shop and eat at places that use organic foods.

I’ll be honest – in the past, the whole vegetarian and organic trends made me skeptical. I thought they were just that: trends. I hadn’t come upon (or taken the time to research) reasons to make the switch. It’s sad that it took a movie to open our eyes! Now I’m armed with very good reasons, and the thought of eating meat from any establishment that uses hormones, antibiotics and corn-feed makes me want to vomit. So long to some of my favorite restaurants, but Amen for Chipotle! I can’t believe Chipotle is the only fast-food chain that uses naturally raised meats. In-n-Out is is in second place, but they don’t claim to be organic – they just don’t use freezers. And it’s not just about meat. Vegetables and fruits can be just as contaminated.

Now I’ve got to figure out what to do with all the frozen meat in our freezer from Costco :( I was really excited about Costco… we’ll still shop there, but the options have suddenly grown quite limited. They don’t have organic milk, for one. But I’m glad that there’s a Whole Foods Market conveniently across the street!

I strongly encourage everyone to research what you put in your face! It’s good for you, it’s good for the world ;) Now back to love, engagements and weddings! The Bride’s Cafe featured Craig & Megan’s engagement session today! Go check it out!

– She

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