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The Sexy Six. That’s what we call ourselves. Ok no, not really – I just made that up. But the six of us – me, Randy, Chris, Christy, Allison and Eric – have been a solid circle of friends for nearly five years now. Five years ago, at a bonfire in Huntington, Randy and I met (and Christy met Chris). You see, us three girls went to high school together, and the three boys are high school friends as well. Allison and Christy both went to college at the University of Redlands, as did Eric. Allison and Eric became friends, and on one summer night decided to have a bonfire at the beach… each invited their two best friends… and BAM! I met my future husband, and Christy met her future boyfriend! Last weekend we all got together and revisited the place where it all went down :)

So much has happened in the five years since our first meeting – many travels abroad, many graduations, many hangouts, many 20-something birthdays, many hugs, and many goodbyes. We’ve all set out on such separate paths, and it’s so exciting to see where everyone is headed. I can’t wait to see what the next five years have in store!

Cheers mates!

– She

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