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Today’s blog is dedicated to those fuzzy friends who make our lives so much happier. I love dogs more than I love most humans. They’ve always fascinated me! If you’ve ever read our blog, you know who Blossom is. If not, then let this blog be an introduction to our 7 year old (going on 2 years old) Blue Merle Australian Shepherd.

Now, I’m not one for dressing up my dog and treating her as if she were a human, but sometimes it’s hard not to! Blossom is ridiculously human-like. She listens and tilts her head when you talk to her, she recognizes facial expressions, she gives you high fives when she’s excited – she even politely reminds us when it’s her dinner time. And she’s definitely a snuggler. Every so often we’ll let her curl up in our laps on the couch (mind you she’s a 50 lb dog) and once she’s up, she will not move. She drools on your leg and kicks you while she dreams.

Last night, she kept kicking me over and over again, so I gave her a stare down, and this is what happened….

Randy, being the ever gentle father that he is, kept blowing in her ear. But Blossom ain’t no fool. She knows how much Randy hates being licked in the face….

And this is a shout out to Baxter, one of Bobby Earle’s dogs, who is the darnedest little creature I’ve ever met. He was so… odd, and yet so endearing! Just look at those eyes! Such a sweet little guy :)

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