good music & lederhosen | personal

Last night, a good friend of Erin and I’s put on an event for friends and family. It was a German Oktoberfest theme with amazing decorations, food and awesome music! Erin was asked beforehand to play a couple of songs during the evening, so she had a couple of ideas. First was to recruit her parents, Craig and Jackie, to perform the Beach Boys song “I Can Hear Music.” Since it wasn’t exactly a German song, Craig adorned the festive attire!

After Erin and her parents finished, our firend Christy jumped on stage to play a couple of Erin’s songs. Erin usually plays with a full band, so she and Christy (filling in for the band) worked tirelessly for 3 weeks trying to get the songs right. In the end, the music was awesome and food was Deutsch-tastic!

We have a couple weddings coming up in the next few days, so be sure to check them out! And if you like this post feel free to let me (Randy) know, I decided to relieve Erin of her duties for a day! :)

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