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You may remember this sweet duo from their funky Los Angeles engagement session. Yup, Harrison & Annie are back, this time starring in their epic wedding! We love working with artsy couples, and these kids got art flowing through their veins (Harrison is actually a photographer too!) Their wedding day was sunny, relaxed, fun and beautiful – or simply put: epic :)

Now, we don’t normally share a lot of detail shots, but we were so shocked by the amount of work Harrison & Annie put into their wedding, we just had to share some of it. We are very hands-on when it comes to our business, as well as our home furniture and decor, so we can definitely appreciate their vision and craftiness! Seriously, “DIY” doesn’t even begin to describe their wedding. I’m pretty sure I looked Annie square in the face on her wedding day and said, “Girrrrrrrrl. You’re crazy.” (Meant in the best possible way of course!) Explanations will be provided as we go….

– She

Shout out to:

Dannee, our oh-so-lovely assistant!
Venue: Clarke Estate
Coordinating: My Bride Story
Video: Lovespun Films
Flowers: Boulevard Florist
Cake: Filigree Cakes

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