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I’m so excited this day is finally here! Randy and I have been trying to hold in the most exciting news of our lives for what seems like forever now. When you’re going through a huge life changing experience, the first thing you want to do is shout it on your blog! All over Twitter! Facebook! Especially when it’s something you’ve been dreaming and praying about for years. But self-control and patience have been our best friends of late. We’ve let our family and close friends in on the news, and also given ourselves time to let it sink in, but today is the day :)

I’m 3 months pregnant. First off, to all of you who noticed my fatigue, weight gain, growing muffin top, breakouts, and general distraction, but were kind enough not to say anything – thank you! Of course, October was one of our busiest months this year, and that’s right when I was going through the worst of my nausea and fatigue! But all in all, I’ve been very fortunate to be feeling remarkably well. I’m through the worst of it now, but even the worst is a small price to pay! Though… I did have to wear dresses to our last few weddings of the season (and I’m not a dress wearing kind of girl). But I learned my lesson the hard way – the last wedding I tried to wear pants to, I split them right down the back! Embarrassing much???

I am just so in awe of how wonderful the Lord is. That’s really what I’ve been struck by (more than the nausea). We feel immensely blessed that the Lord would provide us with such a wonderful gift, the best gift there is. To be honest, I’ve had baby fever ever since we exchanged our vows! We’ve been through so much in these three years since – we’ve grown so much and have been given the gift of our own business. It’s been crazy busy, but crazy awesome too :) During it all, kids have constantly been on our tongues (as most of our family and friends can testify!) We were just waiting for God to give us a hint as to when the right time was. Turns out He gave us a swift kick in the butt! After having dinner with new friends (you know who you are), Randy and I both got in the car and said nearly the exact same thing at the exact same time, “It’s time!” In fact, I think we felt a little foolish on that car ride home. I think we had been waiting for something that would never be, some sort of ah-ha moment where we could say, “Yes. Now we feel completely stable, now we feel secure. Our lives are in perfect order and we can bring on a baby.” But if we had continued to wait for that magical moment, we’d be waiting forever! The truth is, God will provide. As long as we put our faith in Him, He will take care of the rest. It’s something we knew all along, but we just needed a gentle push to put our faith to the test. And since then, we have never felt such peace and happiness about anything in our whole lives!

[For all of those awesome clients reading this, we got you covered! I plan to attend any and all weddings I can before I pop, and of course Randy’s got you covered! And we’ll have an assistant ready to get those shots I can’t crawl on the ground for :)]

I feel like there is so much more I want to say, but I’m sure there will be many-a-baby-related-blog post to come! We are so ready to be parents – it’s ridiculous. For me, it’s what I knew I was born to be. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we don’t even have (tangible) kids yet! I feel so completely ready, that I almost think we have children already! I can’t wait for the end of May :)

– She

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