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Houses are expensive. Like… really expensive. Even the Orange County version of houses are expensive. In in the majority of the “affordable” areas of Orange County, houses are crammed in super close, or often times they aren’t houses at all – they’re condos. Perhaps I got spoiled as a child and my expectations are too high, but the home(s) I grew up in had 3+ bedrooms and big yards. In my head, that’s the kind of home I imagine buying one day. But the average price of a condo in the OC (or pretty much anywhere in So Cal, for that matter) is as expensive of an averaged sized home almost anywhere else in the country! It’s quite a shock to the system, but then again… we live in So Cal and we can’t complain much :)

Randy and I are sooooo looking forward to being home owners! We talk about it nearly every day: our dream home with the white picket fence, big yard, in the suburbs of Irvine (or some other surrounding city). We’re content with where we live for now – it provides us with everything we need and then some. But ideally, we’d love to have a yard where Blossom can run, have a bigger office space where clients could visit, and of course make room for kids. Luckily, Randy and I are project people – we like fixing/building things and don’t mind a bit of physical labor. So we don’t mind buying a fixer-upper – in fact, we may even prefer the opportunity to customize. But even still, what we can realistically afford looks something akin to this:

(image credit: www.friedmanarchives.com)

Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but still, the price of homes around here are quite daunting. But the dream continues and who knows, maybe this year? Next year? Ten years from now? God only knows when we’ll become home owners, but as I’ve mentioned before, Randy and I have a tendency to set the bar pretty high for ourselves. We dream big. Sometimes we’re surprised at how many dreams we’re able to achieve, even on a daily basis. And other times, we’re humbled by God’s plan for us (which doesn’t always align with ours). Either way, the saving shall continue…

Just thought I’d share some of my thoughts outside of the photography world… although I suppose it’s still related to photography since that’s our bread and butter!

– She

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