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Randy’s cousin, Brittny, is currently a sophomore at I-Poly High School. I-Poly is a very unique public school – it’s small and it’s project-based. It teaches real-world applications and promotes early college enrollment. I wish I had gone to a high school like this!

I promised to help Brittny spread the word about the school’s goal of having President Obama give his inaugural high school commencement speech at graduation. Their goal is to get as many views of their video submission as possible – s0 all you have to do is go here and watch! Your two minutes of time will be greatly appreciated :) How can you say no to this face?

(Don’t even worry that this pic is three years old!)

Oh and did I mention Brittny plans to be a graphic designer and/or photographer? BAM! A girl after our own hearts :)

Thanks so much everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!

– She

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