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Some of you may call this creepy… and I would whole-heartedly agree with you. But you see, I am somewhat obsessed with genealogy. I especially love looking at parents and their kids to see which features they got from which parent. I love the randomness of it. Babies really are like a box of chocolates. Some kids are the spitting image of an individaul parent, and others are a perfect blend between the two, and there’s no way of predicting it!

So, in pondering about our baby, I began to look at baby pictures of Randy and I. And then… well, I simply got carried away :)

Here’s little Randy:

Randy’s mom’s hair is a dead giveaway to the decade in which we were born :)

And me:

I love that my mom and I have the same look of wonderment on our faces.

And now… what our baby COULD look like…

…given he/she is a pretty even blend between the two of us….

We’ll all have to wait 23.5 weeks to find out the REAL results of this genealogical mystery… but until then, it’s fascinating to imagine :)

– She

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