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As my friend helpfully reminded me today, I am half way to 50 (thanks Jill!). I certainly don’t feel a quarter of a century old. In fact I’m quite certain I’m still 19 and my birth certificate is flawed, but I’ll let that slide another year I suppose. As most late December birthday celebrators can testify, Jesus’s birthday typically overshadows our own, but I’m pretty sure that’s the way it should be :) I’m so grateful for another birthday this year. This year will hold a world of changes for our little family! The Lord has blessed my life in countless ways and I’m in awe (everyday, not just today) of how wonderful He is.

Today I thought I’d share some vacation pictures from Christmas. As you may know, my family camps on Thanksgiving, and our Christmas traditions are no different! This year we accompanied my parents up in Morro Bay. It was extra beautiful up there after all the rain we’ve been having. I could easily live there!

Note to pregnant women: if you plan to grow out your hair during pregnancy, expect awkwardness from head to toe.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

– She

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