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JC & Devon made the long journey all the way from Chicago for their Long Beach wedding. Our only encounter with them before their wedding was a Skype meeting, but it was all we needed. We knew these two were born to ROCK. I’m about to make a bold statement. Prepare yourself, because here it comes: I dare say that JC & Devon (JCD, now that they’re married) expressed some of the most heartfelt gratitude towards their family and friends that I have ever seen. It was clear just how much it meant to them having their loved ones with them to share in the most important day of their lives. It was an emotional day, in the best way. Lots of joy :) Even Devon’s concern was cut short by joy after seeing that JC had (I’m no doctor, but I’m assuming) broken his nose that morning, swimming in the pool. After establishing that he was ok, the party was still ON. We felt so bad for JC, but seriously, it didn’t seem to phase either JC or Devon at all. Like I said, these homies know how to ROCK.

Venue: MOLAA

– She

If you even think about screen capturing our pictures, I will cut you. <3 She

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