kate & luke: engaged! | engaged!

Kate & Luke are cool. I felt like we hit it off so well in our client meeting, that I added Kate as a friend on Facebook immediately after (because as we all know, you’re not really friends until you are Facebook friends!). I’m pretty sure Kate was a little freaked out when I did that :) But the prospect of working with a couple as down to earth as Kate & Luke got me really excited! Not only are Kate & Luke a super sweet couple, they are awesome models too! Some people have it, and some people have to try to have it (or will finally have it 15-20 minutes into the session). Well Kate & Luke definitely “have it” – they had it right off the bat! Two shutter snaps into their e-session last weekend, I knew great images were in store! Check ’em out:

Thanks for showing us new areas of Balboa Park we’d never seen before, you guys! Can’t wait for the wedding!

– She

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