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While visiting our friend Eric in Portland last month, he had some visitors from Germany staying with him. Perhaps some of you have heard of the term couch surfer? Well, Katharina & Philipp are currently couch surfing their way up and down the west coast. They found our friend Eric on www.couchsurfing.org, a place for travelers to find people all around the world willing to host backpackers in their homes. Such a rad concept :)

When we left Portland, we invited the “German couch surfers” to stop by when they came down to SoCal. So, a couple of weeks ago they were able to stay with us for a few days. The timing was… interesting, as we had just moved the day before! They were kind enough to help us organize our home and they even slept among half empty boxes. It was great to see them again – we somehow left Portland without a single picture of them, so this time we made sure to snag a few :) The goal of their journey (or should I say Philipp’s goal) is to skate the raddest skateparks along the west coast. Katharina is able to document their adventures and has even picked up skating too! They are such a cool couple and it was awesome getting to hang out with them :)

– She

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