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What began as simple site scoping for next weekend’s wedding in La Jolla, quickly turned into an evening of terror. Well, I should say it was terrifying for anyone afraid of cats. You see, I’m a dog person, through and through. Dogs seem to like me, so I in turn like them. It’s a reciprocal relationship.

Cats, however, seem to have it out for me, and I in turn have a deep fear of them. (Some of you might know I used to own my own pet sitting business, so believe me, I’ve seen my fair share of God’s greatest and most devilish of creatures.) So there I was, standing in as the subject of the photo, minding my own… that is until I feel my p-coat move. There was no wind. And I see Randy look up from the camera wide eyed. Instinctively my eyes widen. And I look down to find this bright orange cat doing figure eights between my legs. Now most people would be delighted at such an encounter with a “wild” cat. But let me tell YOU! I about punted that thing down the block!

And yet, this wayward cat struck a tender string in my heart. I caused the little guy quite a fright when I yelped and leaped into the air, so he darted for safety behind Randy. As I watched the little fuzz ball rolling on the ground, batting at Randy’s camera, nibbling on his knee, I says to my self, I says, “Well he sure is a darn cute little devil.” And Simon – yes I named him – must have sensed this change in me because he insisted on following us around the rest of our shoot.

So here’s to Simon the feline: the only cat I ever liked.


I turned to capture a parting shot of Simon. Farewell feline friend!

I turned to capture a parting shot of Simon. We shall meet again, my feline friend!

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