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Erin and I have been so excited waiting for this little guy to arrive and it’s finally Linus’ time to shine! I will try to update this post throughout the day to keep everyone who’s interested filled in on the deets. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures (pro and iPhone) of the process as well :)

(Mon. 6:18pm): We’re scheduled to go to the hospital at midnight tonight (last night to you readers). We’re praying for a safe delivery and looking forward to meeting our healthy little boy if everything goes smoothly.

(Tues. 8:06am): So we’ve been in the hospital for a little over 8 hours now and not too much has changed. When we first got to the hospital, they rushed Erin away in a wheel chair and left me to figure out where I was going. Well, needless to say, I did not know where to go and I ended up not waiting to be let into the maternity area which sounded all the alarms. At least everyone knew we were in the house I suppose (partayyyy)!

We were able to rest for a few hours when we first got to the hospital, so we’ll be running on about 3 hours of sleep for the rest of the day. Just about 30 minutes ago, Erin’s water broke, so that should help things along a little better :) Contractions are becoming more regular and intense now, so it doesn’t look like Erin will be able to get any more sleep. But it just means Linus is that much closer, right?

Here is a video I shot last night right before we left for the hospital. It’s the only good video I’ve been able to get of all Linus’ movements!

And here’s some pictures I’ve taken of our room:

(Tues. 10:49am): Erin has progressed! Woohoo! She’s now at 5cm’s, so she’s making headway (pun intended). She got an epidural about 30 minutes ago and now she’s able to rest a little bit :) Things seem to be moving a lot faster now, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to update until after he gets here – but I’ll try!

(Tues. 1:20pm): We’re at 9cm’s, so it’s almost go time :) We’ve been told that he’s not a hairy baby, so I guess he wont be born with a man beard! Linus is not exactly liking the idea of being born yet, but all is going great – GOD IS GOOD :)

(Tues. 2:40pm): Apparently Linus thinks he’s an egg and has decided to be sunny side up. It’s ok Linus, we’ve got all day :)

(Tues. 11:53pm): Today has been a long day, but we couldn’t have ask for it to be any better. We welcomed Linus into the world around 4:00pm. As soon as he popped out, everyone in the room was like, “Wow, that’s a big baby!” The doctor had estimated him at 7lbs, 4oz before we started labor, but he ended up being 8lbs, 12 oz! Our little boy is not so small, which made today’s delivery a blessing. If he would have come any later, he would have been to big for a “v” delivery. We are so very thankful to have finally met this little guy face to face – he’s more adorable then we could have ever imagined! So far he has been very quiet and mellow (a quality that we hope stays with him for a little while). Here are a few pictures of him from today:

We are so thankful that the Lord blessed us with a healthy baby boy. And thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement today – we definitely felt the love :)

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