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Every new day with our little man keeps getting more and more fun! He’s learning and growing so much… it’s freaking me out! I can’t believe today is his half year birthday. It seems just like yesterday I was lying in that hospital bed, eagerly waiting to see his face for the first time :)

These days, he’s grabbing everything in sight. He’s so curious! And let me tell you, this boy has absolutely no fear! He greets every new face and every new experience with a smile. Errrrrr… except for the pictures below – he did NOT like the freezing Pacific water! He is very expressive, and very vocal. He’s figured out that, while in his jumper, if he hollers at Randy and I while we’re working, we’ll holler back and smile at him. It’s pretty much his favorite game :)

I had WAY too many pictures to share, as we take A LOT of pictures of our greatest little joy. So next week I’ll be posting another lengthy entry with pictures from our vacation to the South. Until then, happy Thanksgiving everybody! This Thanksgiving, I’m so very thankful for the blessing of Linus in our lives. I wouldn’t want to imagine life without him :)

(About half of the images were taken with the iPhone 4S. Love that thing!)

If you even think about screen capturing our pictures, I will cut you. <3 She

Happy 6 month birthday, Linus! And happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our BIG BLACK FRIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA….

– She

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