linus | 8 months | part 1 | personal

You may have noticed Linus’ absence from the blog lately. Well I’m about to remedy that, BIG TIME. Actually, BIG TIME X2, because I have so many pictures, I’ve divided this post into two days. Yup, we’re those crazy parents that take waaaaaaaay too many pictures of our little muffin and force everyone to look at them :) So I’ve got two months worth of obsessive photo taking of our little man to update you all with! Linus is growing so fast… mainly in the cheeks and belly. Yes, our son is a bit of a chunker, but these days he’s working hard to get that belly in motion! He’s just on the verge of crawling, but in the mean time, he has become quite the hand-eye coordinated little fella. In case you haven’t met him, we’ve pretty much deemed him the most mellow child on the planet. This kid is super chill (like his daddy.)

So prepare yourself: you’re about to be bombarded by Lee-noose… two days in a row.

(The majority of the following are taken with our Fuji x10. Lovin’ that thing!)

 If you even think about screen capturing our pictures, I will cut you. <3 She

– She

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