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Last weekend was Linus’ baby shower! I had been looking forward to that day for MONTHS, and it was even better than I could have ever imagined! The glorious event was put together by my sister and her “entourage” (aka my sister-in-law Susannah, my other sister-in-law Megan, their moms and my Mom!) I was kept in the dark throughout the entire process. In fact, the guests knew just as much about the shower as I did! I didn’t see the invitations until I received one in the mail! And it was TOTALLY me (errrr and Linus, I’d like to think.) For those who know me, I’m not a girly girl – which worked out well since we’re having a boy :) The rock music concert poster was spot-on, and the theme it carried into the baby shower was perfect: rockabye baby. I personally thought it was a stroke of genius :) There was rock-n-roll confetti, a slew of vintage records, and delicious “kid’s” food (ants on a log, dinosaur shaped chicken fingers, Twinkie sushi, cupcake ice-cream cones, and much, much more!)

I am SO, SO appreciative to the ladies that worked so hard to throw this together. It means more to me than I can adequately express. I’m also so grateful to the generous guests that traveled from the far reaches of LA and San Diego to celebrate our son’s impending arrival. I’ll admit that knowing people went out of their way to do something for me and the little one in my belly makes me a little uneasy! Too much kindness! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!


The invitation: the brain-child of Susannah and Randy :)

This paraphernalia was used by the guests to design Linus’ first ABC book :)

Right?! Cute!


My mom’s baby photo and mine. I looked so much like her as a baby… until my Dad’s genes kicked in when I was about five!

Jordan: pure genius.

What would a baby shower be without a REAL baby? We commissioned little Charlotte for the job :)

TOMS baby shoes! I didn’t even know such cuteness existed!

My sister-in-law’s mother, Naomi, is a children’s book author and illustrator and hooked Linus up with signed copies of some of her books!

I’m pretty sure Blossom thought the entire day was about her.

This week I’ve been sorting through all of the wonderful cards and gifts from the shower. It’s safe to say Linus got hooked up! He is going to be one loved little booger :)

– She

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