Linus is Two | personal

I’ve been wanting to post pictures of our little boy for quite some time – like, since New Year’s. And now that I’ve FINALLY gotten around to it, I have far too many pictures to share! (Typical Mom syndrome, right?) So I decided to do a “Linus’ 2nd year of life recap,” sharing pictures from his 1st birthday, all the way through to his 2nd birthday.

My sweet Linus,

Your 2nd year of life has brought Daddy and I so much joy! From hearing you say your first words, to watching you take your first steps, we have learned so much through your learning. We’ve gotten to experience so much as a family this past year, too – lots of traveling and fun with our family and friends. I can’t imagine a more wonderful or memorable year, and I’m so excited for all of the rest to come. You are, by far, the most challenging and blessed thing that has ever happened to me. I thank the Lord every day for everything that you are, and all that you have taught me (and have yet to teach me!)

I love you, Sweet Heart!



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