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I thought I’d do a post on a topic that tends to come up a lot when people meet Randy and I: our tattoos. So many people come up to us on the street or even at weddings and compliment us. We’re always very flattered :) Many of them say they’ve never seen anything like them before. I suppose it’s slightly unusual that a husband and wife have the same tattoos :)

So, here’s the story of how these tattoos came to be. You see, I grew up being totally against tattoos (at least that’s what I expressed vocally). But inside, I was very intrigued by them. There are so many ugly, generic tattoos out there – I can totally see why many people don’t like them. And when I met Randy, he wasn’t really the tattoo type either. But… when we got engaged, we thought, “I wish there was something more permanent than just a ring – something to symbolize our eternal commitment to each other.” Thus, the tattoo idea was born! Both being artists and designers, we definitely wanted to come up with something of our own.

Our first tattoo we designed before our wedding, and even sketched out some finishing touches while on our honeymoon. We got them the day after we got back from Hawaii :) Most people think that it looks like a stained glass window, or that we are waiting to fill it in with color – neither were are intent. Based off of Art Nouveau design, we incorporated our commitment to each other and our devotion to God by using the Beach Boys lyrics “God Only Knows” (my favorite song of all time) and the Bible scripture Ephesians 5: 21-28 (which talks about the covenant between a husband and wife).

We got our most recent tattoo 3 months ago. You know how they say tattoos are addictive? You can’t get just one? Well… that may have played a small part in our decision to get a second one. But mostly we really liked the idea of designing something for this part of our bodies, a place more noticeable. Part of our intent in getting tattoos was for them to help us start conversations with strangers, because when they ask about them, we can say they represent our love for each other and God (two very positive messages to share with others). Though most people have trouble figuring this one out, it’s another Art Nouveau inspired floral design, with a hint of Klimt (start from the bottom and work your way up). Hidden within are symbols of a fish and the cross.

So there you have it! A detailed explination for all curious minds out there :)

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