matt & paula: engaged! | engaged!

I straight up love these two people. Matt & Paula are just awesome and so fun to be around! Paula is super sweet and Matt is just flat out hilarious. Like, so funny, I don’t how his mind works that fast! Even when I couldn’t catch everything he said (the accent, you know) he was still hilarious :) Matt and Paula came all the way from England to get married in sunny California, but of course the week they arrived it was cloudy and raining! So their engagement session looks a bit reminiscent of England, but luckily the sun was out in it’s fully glory on their wedding day. Stay tuned for their wedding hitting the blog very soon!

Happy Friday, everyone! This weekend we’re tackling the last double header of the year. Can’t believe we’re down to the last handful of weddings of 2010. Wow this year flew by fast!

– She

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